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    Discrete, Mature and Reliable.

    To see or not to see?
    Isn’t tat the question?
    Give but don’t get
    Heal but don’t heel
    To sea—or not to sea?

    Demand me nothing!
    Envious eyed mome!
    Lechery’s lover!
    Idiot of tome!
    Give Hairy Hopeful
    Hero of Moor
    Tormented time—for tormented sore

    Blame him so rightly!
    Luckless lop leaver!
    Ogre of ogle!
    Godly ghost giver!
    Strike him so rightly
    Pontiff of pleasure
    Order of oozes
    Taker of measure…

    Cool cat predicts
    Ocular awe aside
    Minds will open—or not!?